In Staerna two vocalists and two traditions meet - Isa Holmgren, a Swedish vocalist anchored in the traditional music from the borderlands between Sweden and Norway, and Nemat Battah, a vocalist and oud player from Jordan/Palestine with musical roots in Arabic traditions. The music highlights compelling solos from both vocalists, but the full force of their collaboration emerges in the beautiful, unearthly sound of Isa and Nemat singing together. Together with Hampus Grönberg on guitar and Alexandra Nilsson on cello, they offer a unique sound where songs from the Middle East and the Levant blend with melodies and songs from Sweden and Norway in a seemingly effortless synthesis.  

Following the release of their 2021 debut album, they have been profiled in Lira magazine, and performed across the Nordic region with highlights including Norrköpings Folkmusikfestival (SE), Falufolk (SE), Kolibrí Festivalii (FI), Sunday World (NO), Hyttdreva Festival (SE), and a feature performance at Folk och Världsmusikgalan 2023. 



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